Tis the Season Audit Sale

Struggling to grow your brand, but need some help to figure out what to do next? I’m here to help.

With audits I look at ways to utilize design and branding to increase conversion. I define conversion as:

  • Increasing newsletter signups
  • Getting more link clicks from social
  • Increasing service sign ups
  • Selling more products
  • Receiving more affiliate, and advertising, link clicks

If you’d like me to do an audit on your website, social media, or full brand, I’ve created my Tis the Season Sale for you.

This Christmas season you can pay for your audit by purchasing an item from my Amazon list here or submit payment via my PayPal link. The choice is yours.

What's the catch?

There is no catch. I understand that during the holiday season money may be tight. By bartering you can secure an audit for a bit less than paying the fee.

If you decide you want to use my Amazon list to pay, all you need to do is purchase at least 1 item from the list. I’ve tried to pick out things to fit a range of budgets.

I have the list set so it ships to my home in Alabama automatically. You’ll just be responsible for the item purchase and shipping.

I will be ending this sale on December 15th. 

Okay I'm ready to get started

Great! To get started fill out the form below AND submit payment. You can pay by purchasing an item from my Amazon list, or by sending the fee amount to my PayPal using the link: paypal.me/xobritdear


  • Website/Blog Audit: $55
  • Online Shop Audit: $65
  • Social Media Audit: $45
  • Full Brand Audit: $99

Fill out this form, please