Have a website you love but have no idea how to grow, or monetize, it?

Hire me for a brand consult

Consults are $99 each. With each consult, you will get a PDF full of valuable tips for improving your brand. In it I will touch on:

  1. Customized monetization strategies for your brand and website
  2. Tweaks to make to your website to increase engagement
  3. Possible services to add to your brand
  4. Design improvements for your visual brand
  5. Things worth adding to increase engagement

You should know that I consider engagement to be an increase in newsletter subscribers, a purchase of a product or service, or a contact form/lead submission. A growth in views is great and often desirable, but if those views don’t lead to money or inquiries they amount to nothing for your business.

Consults take about 1 week. I will watch your social media posts (in real time), view any website stats you have available, and study your visual branding across all platforms.

View a sample from a previous consult (brand names have been removed).

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