How to promote yourself effectively using Twitter

Previously on the blog I wrote a post about various ways to promote your work and various ways to make passive income. Today, I want to talk about how my promotional content reaches half a million people regularly by focusing on one social media platform: twitter. Most people have no idea how to utilize Twitter for […]

How to make money online as a blogger or freelancer

So you’ve been online for a minute and you’re ready to find work and make some serious coins. But how? Where do you start? How to you make enough money to start paying bills? What do you sell?! Breathe easy because you are not alone in wondering these things. A majority of my clients have asked […]

Competition doesn’t exist. Here’s why.

Dear freelancer, Action puts you ahead of the majority of people you think you’re competing with. Yes, that’s right. Action. I know everybody and their momma is telling you that consistency is what will keep you ahead of the crowd. And, that’s true. But, real life happens. Or [insert whatever excuse here]. In many situations, […]